"Leading the way, preparing for the future"
 Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments are Absolutely necessary for the protection of your facility, company or organization. If you don't understand what dangers you face and how to react to them before they happen you are in danger.

We conduct complete and thorough assessments then provide you with the reports and all the recommendations. This is the starting point for a solid survival and recovery plan.  These assessments are for ALL TYPES of problems. 

Whether the danger is terrorism, economic meltdown, natural disaster or some other unforseen incident, you will be ready to react in the most appropriate way and recover as soon as possible.

The PROCESS, SAFETY: This is an area of preparation that is new to many organizations. What we do is come out to your agency, facility, synogogue, church, clinic or other place where there is a potential for danger. We conduct and on-scene review of the entire property, inside and out. We document the facilities specifics. We research the potential threats specific to your community and document the potential for problems. Once we have an understanding of the potential threats, we devise a plan of action for protection, security, lock down and recovery. 

The report we prepare for you will clearly describe what threats there are, where they come from and how to harden your location. We also document what assests you have at your location.  The idea here is, if there is an incident you can go to the report and use it to help you protect yourself and recover.    

We can also instruct your people on ACTIVE SHOOTER incidents and how to protect themselves.

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CALL BACKS and Retraining NEEDS

  I know what happens in the course of a year. Problems come up that are hard to deal with, unique or totally unforseen. We are dedicated to your success. Those are more than just words.  One of the features of our program is the call back and retraining option.  On a matter such as a discipline or hiring problem for instance. If your stuck and not sure how to proceed. Give us a call. If we can help you handle the problem with a phone consultation we will.  If you need us on scene we will come back out. 

As for retraining. We can do that too. New employee or someone was out when a particular block was taught. We will do everything in our power to accomodate you. We want you back after all and we want you to recommend us. This is a relationship we are both invested in. If you need us, call us.